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Thermal Hydraulics Lab (Skyline Lab) in Idaho Falls

Name of resource / facility / instrumentation Thermal Fluids Lab (Skyline Lab) in Idaho Falls
Description of the capabilities of the resource / facility / instrumentation Steam-water two phase flow loop (TPFL) with a horizontal transparent test section. High flow rate (700 gpm) low pressure (150 psi) water loop for a simulated ATR lobe flow. Specialized thermal/fluid flow instrumentation (low flow rate velocity sensor; gamma ray densitometer; optical measurements of two phase, stratified, and free surface flow). Specialized radiation detection instrumentation.
Location Skyline Lab, Idaho Falls, ID
Contact person Dr. Brian Williams x 4129
User fees or charges Contact Dr. Brian Williams for fee information, x4129
When available Spring, Summer, Fall as scheduled
Who operates
Any training needed to operate Yes
Procedure to arrange use of resource / facility / instrumentation


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209