Graduate Programs


Idaho State University
Master of Science(M.S)

Required Courses (30 credits)

3 credits (1 course) from the following list:
ME 6607 Advanced Thermodynamics 3 cr
ME 6635 Transport Phenomena 3 cr
ME 6676 Conduction Heat Transfer 3 cr

3 credits (1 course) from the following list:
ME 6640 Advanced Vibrations 3 cr
ME 6644 Advanced Kinematic Design 3 cr
ME/CE 6665 Finite Element Methods 3 cr

6 credits (2 courses) from the following list of Math courses:
MATH 5506 Advanced Linear Algebra 3 cr
MATH 5521 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I 3 cr
MATH 5522 Adcanced Engineering Mathematics II 3 cr
MATH 5542 Introduction to Numerical Analysis 3 cr
MATH 5565 Partial Differential Equations 3 cr

12 credits (4 courses) of Approved Electives
Students are encouraged to work with their advisor to determine appropriate electives that fit within their area of focus
ME 6650 Thesis 6 cr
One additional elective courses 3 cr
ME 6660 Special Project* 3 cr

*Students desiring to do the non-thesis option must have a minimum of two years industry experience. In place of the 6-credit thesis, the non-thesis option consists of a 3-credit Special Project in addition to a 3-credit course. At the completion of the Special Project, the student will be required to present an oral presentation/defense of the Project.

Research Areas and Faculty

Research Facilities

Measurement & Control Engineering Research Center 10,000 ft2 facility, including Aerospace, Biomedical, Controls, Energy, Structural, and Wind Tunnel laboratories. In addition, the Center is cuurently undergoing the construction of both a Fluid Mechanics and Thermal/Fluids laboratories. Location: Pocatello


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209